5 reasons to migrate your data and get it right

5 reasons to migrate your data ?

If your companies data is stored on all sorts of different Excel spreadsheets, databases, office documents or even on bits of paper then maybe it is time to migrate your data from all of these sources into a system that is used by everyone.  It may seem like a mammoth task but it does not have to be if you have data migration experts doing the work for you. Keeping it in the systems you currently use may be costing your company time, money and your reputation.

Ask yourself these questions: 

  1. Do you know where all your data is?
  2. Is it duplicated?  If yes, what version is the latest?
  3. Are staff wasting time looking for the right data
  4. Are customers waiting a long time for staff to find the right data
  5. Are you paying for licenses you may not need

How easy is it to migrate your data ?

Our consultants are data migration experts and have worked with businesses of all sizes to successfully manage their data migration projects.  Firstly we will work with you to identify where all your data is held and in what format.  We will then discuss the way in which we will extract this data and its destination.

Our project timeline will keep us on course to deliver the project on time and we will test along the way to ensure that no data is lost.  Backing up your data will take place from the beginning to the end of the project and we will keep you or your IT management updated throughout the process.

Call us today on 0333 241 2544 for further information and a quote if you are looking to migrate your data.

“GNC led the project with great aplomb. Planning was performed early so we knew the outline timetable and broad cost. They were diligent and logical in their software recommendation, initially engaging with the wider AXA Group to see if an incumbent Document Management System (archive) could be extended for Bluefin Advisory Services.

From our users’ perspective, the subsequent install and load of the system were seamless.

However, this was down to the hard work GNC performed behind the scenes, closely managing the software provider to resolve a handful of significant issues and ensuring the project delivered to the timetable and high quality. I highly recommend them and would work with them again if the opportunity arose.”

Jon Broddle : AXA Wealth – Strategic Implementation Testimonial

Read further testimonials here.

Our Data Migration experts are security cleared at the highest level and also Prince II Qualified.  This means that regardless of your data migration needs our consultants will map out the flow of migration and will work with you to ensure a seamless and professional migration.

GNC Technology have developed a unique data migration process designed and proven to successfully migrate your data. It is important that we identify and select all the data to be extracted and the systems where it is currently held.

One of our clients held data in over 40 CRMs after a series of buyouts. We had to consolidate all the data into 3 different system which resulted in them seeing a considerable reduction in the number of licenses needed.  Not only did they save on license fees but their own IT costs reduced as did the number of complaints from customers as staff could find the information much quicker.

GNC Technology has extensive experience of large scale data movement and migration projects both within the UK and across Europe. Contact us today on 0333 241 2544 to find out how data movement can help keep your business safe or email us via enquiries@gnctechnology.co.uk.  You may want to find out where all your data is held before contacting us if you do not already know.

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