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95% per IT Managers under stress and it can rise if they go on holiday

95% per IT Managers under stress and it can rise if they go on holiday

95% of IT Managers are under stress. And, this figure is set to rise as we go into the summer months when the staff goes on holiday.  Also, as so often happens, those who remain can sometimes end up off sick due to the increased demands made upon them.  That is where we here at GNC Technology can help your company.  Just give us a call on 0333 241 2544 and we can offer remote support or onsite support.

The ways we can help include:

  • IT Support short term to ensure all devices and infrastructure is covered
  • Remote Support to staff who take their devices on holiday with them to check-in
  • Offering Remote Support to staff left behind who may not be experienced in IT
  • Installing an encryption solution to ensure all devices are safe if they are working away from the office

This will help ensure:

  • Their children or mates don’t access their computer and download games full of viruses as we will have corporate-level anti-virus in place
  • Thieves who manage to steal your devices will not be able to read your files as we have corporate-level encryption in place
  • Staff who are not qualified to do IT and just fill in during summer will not create more headaches for staff when they get back
  • Those left behind do not buckle under the strain as we are there to support them
  • Colleagues who take their devices will be able to connect via the Cloud to their files and emails

Our friendly and professional staff will work with you to ensure your company remains in operation 24/7/365 whilst the holiday season takes hold.  Contacting us will allow staff to have that well-earned break and your remaining staff stay a little bit saner.





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