Our free business review will look at the processes and systems you have in place. If you are looking to change your Managed IT Services provider or looking to install new IT equipment, you will find this free service beneficial.  We have helped many companies who have asked us to carry out a free business review for their Data Migration projects.  The benefits included:

  • Reduction in the time wasted waiting on devices to come alive
  • Time spent searching for info by having a new or modified CRM system
  • A decrease in the number of staff hours required to work in IT due to better processes, their skills have been deployed elsewhere
  • Saved space by having systems moved to the Cloud

Have a look at what some of our customer testimonials say about us.  Contact us if you are looking into your IT costs or changing supplier.  We will be happy to help.

Our Free Business Review will look at:

  • Hardware Audit: We will find out if there is a high level of computers, laptops, printers, servers, etc. And, what you are paying in licences
  • Software Audit: We will understand what applications and software the business uses.
  • Telecommunications Audit: We will look at what broadband lines and telephony the business uses.
  • Data Audit: Understand the varying types of data the business needs and where it is stored as well as learn how end users access it.
  • IT Security Review: This review is based around the Cyber Essentials principles.
  • Business Continuity Review: Includes data backups and how the business would recover from a DR event.
  • IT Costs Review: Understanding of what the business is currently paying for their IT, systems, applications, backups, support, printing, telecommunications etc. etc.
  • IT Issues Review: We speak to the client and try to understand what types of issues their users currently face.

Finally, following the completion of the review our consultant carries out we will then look at the findings and deliver a report which details: -

  • 1 We will be able to ascertain your current IT situation.
  • 2 We will offer recommendations for improvements and, if needed replacements.
  • 3 We will create a road map of what we understand your priorities are.
  • 4 We will advise where we feel GNC Technology Ltd can save you time, money and resources.
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For your free business review call us today on 0333 241 2544 or email enquiries@gnctechnology.co.uk to arrange an appointment.