Are you thinking of changing your IT Supplier or engaging a new one or looking for a computer company in Shrewsbury, Telford, Oswestry or anywhere in the West Midlands? Yes, then here are some tips on what to look for.  Caught up in the myriad of claims from IT Companies claiming to the best? How do you evaluate an IT company so that is right for you? This post should hopefully address some of the things you may want to consider.

First of all do you know what you want or need? If no, then there are several things to consider:
  • Your budget (how much to do you have or think it will cost which is why you should get estimates from different suppliers but remember cheapest doesn’t mean best. Your data is important to your company and reputation so you have to be sure you get the right partner)
  • Your staff (do they work on-site, off-site, overseas and what do they need access to?)
  • Your location (are you able to get internet access and how is the connection?)
  • What do you need your system to do for you?
So now you have an idea of what you may need or you may know what you want, it’s time to look for an IT Consultant or IT Company;
  • Are they limited (check out their company registration number via Companies House)
  • Check out their directors (have any been made bankrupt or struck off? Again, you will get this information from Companies House, just put in their names)
  • Are there testimonials on their website? (not just from people described as John, London) but with names, positions and companies.
  • Check out what they offer, is it in line with what you need?
  • Do they do a Free Business Review?
  • Are they accredited and check out that they are?
  • Are they a stand alone company or part of a bigger company and what might that mean for your company?
  • What are there costs and are there any hidden extras?
  • What products are they using and how are they reviewed?

It all seems a lengthy process but one that is worth it as you are not only buying a service but a partner and one that should hopefully last a long, long time. Contact our team here at GNC Technology Limited and get a Free Business Review. You have nothing to lose if you are looking changing your IT Supplier or engaging a new one.

Ask the Gurus:

Our Consultants are techy gurus, so when us non-geeky folk who work with them or our clients have a question about Tech they are always happy to give answers that do not frighten or terrify us. We’ve decided to share this info with you. Hope it helps! Just contact us for further information.

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