Is Cloud Computing safe?

Cloud computing is being considered by more and more companies every year.  This is as a result of concerns about the lack of space to store servers and other IT equipment. Also, this can be expensive especially in high-value property, making cloud storage an attractive and cost-effective solution. Some companies may find migrating to the cloud a much simpler and cheaper solution to buying hard-drives, screens, and keyboard (not forgetting the mouse). You will still need a laptop and/or screen.  However, the investment is not as much as buying all the paraphernalia you would normally buy. And, there are no noisy servers or costly cabling costs!

It allows integration across a multitude of services such as infrastructure, date, identity, management, and development. You can scale up or down as necessary. Easier user control by management and collaboration with colleagues across multi-sites helps increase efficiency.

We will help you migrate your data across from either one or different sources.  As a result, you will find you save time by having all of your data in one place e.g. a CRM or Access database.  Also, should your premises suffer a disaster, your data is safe as it is stored off-site.

What if I store everything on the cloud, could hackers get at it?

You should use a reputable cloud supplier such as Microsoft Office 365.  Also, it is vital that UK companies host their data within the EU. Ensuring you complete the correct due diligence on your chosen cloud provider will ensure you protect yourself from a potential hacker.

Can the cloud evaporate?

Obviously, it is not a cloud as such but servers kept in huge Data Centres around the globe. If you are storing highly sensitive information and say one of the Data Centres was destroyed.  This could be by fire, flood, earthquake, meteor, (ok so I’m a bit dramatic!) then your data would be lost.  However, when you opt to store your info on the cloud, check that the provider offers ‘offsite data replication. In other words, they will store your data on one server in London and replicate it on another server in Edinburgh.  This means your data is safe. (unless a very big meteor hits us!).

If you are looking at cloud solutions for the first time or want to expand or consolidate existing cloud services contact us for a Free Business Review from GNC Technology Limited.

Ask the Gurus:

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