Cyber attacks set to continue to cause havoc in 2022

Cyber attacks set to continue to cause havoc in 2022

According to the State of Malware Report by Malwarebytes, cyber criminals upped their game, changed tactics and continued to create havoc in 2020.  They still continue to do so in 2021 with the Spar group of shops having to close due to an attack in December, 2021.  These criminals are relentless and as IT Managers struggled to get to grips with the changing operations landscape in the early days of the pandemic, as staff had to work from home, they exploited loopholes in systems and pounced.  The USA, Brazil and Russia were the top targeted countries with the combined number of detections reaching over 3 million. Some industries and areas saw a decline in attacks however some saw a substantial increase particularly with the agriculture industry with a 607% increase.

Signs from the ICO and various other government departments as well as industry experts show cyber attacks will increase in 2022.

Some of the key findings from the State of Malware Report include:

  • Malware detections on Windows business computers decreased by 24% overall, but detections for HackTools and Spyware on Windows increased dramatically— by 147% and 24%, respectively.
  • Among the top five threats for both businesses and consumers were the Microsoft Office software cracker KMS, the banking malware Dridex, and BitCoinMiners; business detections for KMS and Dridex rose by 2,251% and 973%, respectively.
  • Detections for the most notorious business threats Emotet and Trickbot fell this year by 89% and 68% respectively, although the operators behind these threats still pulled off several big attacks in 2020.
  • Stalkerware-type app detections— which include detections for Monitor apps and Spyware apps on Android—surged in conjunction with shelter-in-place orders that governments began implementing in February and March: Monitor app detections rose from January to December by 565%; Spyware app detections rose across the same time period by 1,055
  • The agriculture industry suffered through a 607% increase in malware detections, while malware detections in the food and beverage industry increased by 67%

This Report surely highlights that regardless of your company size, companies are still being attacked and whilst we may not be able to stop every attack, ensuring your Security Strategy is up to date is key to winning the war against these criminals.   Call us on 0333 241 2544 if you are looking to upgrade or revisit your cybersecurity strategy.

Help for your business to prevent cyber attacks

We have a wide range of options available including penetrating testing, antivirus solutions, encryption, data leakage, information security, intrusion prevention and user education.  We can also help you become Cyber Essentials accredited. Cyber Essentials certification means you can assure your staff and, your customers that you are doing everything possible to secure their data.  And guard against common cyber threats regardless of where you are in the supply chain.  Being certified will also reassure your suppliers that you take cybersecurity seriously.

Last year, companies in the UK saw record numbers of fines handed out to them for data breaches, including the compromising of data and cyber attacks. Can your business afford to lose data or be held to ransom?  Call us on 0333 241 2544 or email us via to discuss how you can keep safe.

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