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Don’t call back that unknown number!

Don’t call back that unknown number!

Don’t call back that unknown number!

Have you had a missed call lately from a telephone number you do not recognise?  Even though it is from a familiar area code, you know the number is not in your contacts. All we can advise is don’t call back that unknown number.  Today’s cyber criminals are very clever, they will create telephone numbers that are local to your area.  As a result they know you more likely to return a recognisable area code and are less likely to return an 0800 missed call. Additionally they will not leave a message for you to call back as they know if you see a local area code, you are far more likely to call it back without prompting.  These calls are aimed at the public as well as businesses.

So when curiousity gets the better of you and you decide to call that unknown number back you may end up with a huge bill from an unknown company.  As a result of these scams, millions of people are losing millions of pounds every year.  Some phone lines are costing up to £50 per minute to call back.

There are few ways in which to keep yourself safe:
  • Never call back an number you do not recognise.
  • Listen out for a message, however scammers can leave very important sounding messages.  If it is really important they will call you back.  If your bank leaves you a message to call a number, go online and check out their number.
  • Never ever give out your financial details.
  • Never say yes at the start of a conversation that asks you ‘Can you hear me’ as they can record that and say you said yes to various scam operations.

There is a lot of advice around and it really does pay to keep up to date with the latest scams that affect business and personal email, social media and phone accounts.  If you have any questions relating to keeping your accounts safe, please do contact us 

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