Many companies allowing staff to work from home do not have the resources to buy them new computers.  For this reason, many staff are using their own laptops and computers however, the majority of these devices do not have encryption.  For only £65 per year, we will ensure your data remains safe and compliant. 

Encryption is the method by which plain text is turned into a code.  As a result of this unauthorized 3rd parties cannot access it. Some people think it is just for computers. However, it is also essential for laptops, tablets, USBs, and phones.

Encryption for laptops is a must for FCA regulated companies and those working in the Finance sector.

Some companies are giving staff USBs to take home yet according to Kingston Technology, 49% of companies report USB drives have disappeared. And 91% of USB drives do not have hardware-based encryption.  In short, this makes for some scary statistics.  It is also suggested that over 50% of laptops do not have an encryption solution which means your data is vulnerable.  

In an article written by the FT in 2017, they quote ‘financial services firms are not getting the basics rights on cybersecurity leaving them vulnerable to attack’. It was a claim made by the FCA chief operating officer Nausicaa Delfas.’  And it would appear this is still the case when you see the types of companies being fined by the ICO in 2019. British firms suffer 10,000 data breaches in the GDPR era according to Daniel Hunter from GDPR Report. 

We work with market leader ESET in providing encryption and, their Endpoint software can manage devices anywhere in the world.

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