Even if you have a good antivirus to help you avoid data breaches, do you know your systems vulnerabilities?  Do you want to know how to avoid data breaches and the heavy fines that are being handed out by the ICO?   The ICO (Information Commissioners Offices) handed out major fines to well known Brands for data breaches including a £18.4m fine to the Marriott International Inc and a £20m fine to British Airways. This shows that no matter what size your company is you are not immune to having your system hacked.

As hackers and ransomware attacks increase, the chances of your company being hacked is higher than it has ever been. Hackers are taking advantage of the fact many people are working from home and sending out very clever phishing emails. The first thing to do is to ensure staff do not open emails or click on links from people they do not know.  Also if and email looks suspicious then treat it as so until you can get clarification from your IT manager or consultant.   Having a professional antivirus solution can help as well as finding out where your company is vulnerable with regard to data storage.  This is where we here at GNC Technology can help.  Call us today on 0333 241 2544 to find out more.

Another task is to ensure that you have permission to send emails or texts to potential customers.  The ICO handed out huge fines to CPS Advisory Ltd, Digital Growth Experts Ltd and many more for sending unsolicited texts or emails or making unwanted phonecalls. View the action taken by the ICO here.



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