How do you protect yourself from smishing texts?  Some of you may be thinking smishing?  Surely you mean phishing?  No smishing is when you receive an SMS based scammed text message designed to trick you into clicking on a link, similar to the links in phishing emails.

If you click on the link it might take you through to a dummy Ebay or Amazon site offering you a free gift however they ask that you pay for the postage.  Once you enter those details the scammers could take a monthly sum or one large sum.  It is certainly worthwhile going through your bank statements to ensure there are no payments going out to companies you do not recognise.

Another example could look like your bank contacting you for sensitive information or from another company who want you to download malicious software.  So how can you protect yourself from smishing texts?  You could remain alert and look out for:

  • A too good to be true offer from one of the companies you normally buy from or deal with and that ask for your credit card number
  • A text from a delivery company that would normally deliver to your home e.g. Post Office or other delivery company
  • Companies you deal with texting and asking for sensitive information

We suggest you:

  • Check the source of any texts, and if in doubt check out a companies website online and call the number
  • Never click on a link you do not recognise
  • Do not click on any alerts you might get after clicking on a link (especially if it says it is from your bank)
  • Do not download any software sent to you by an unasked for source

Android and iPhones allow you to block text messages therefore if you do receive a text that looks suspicious block them.

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