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ICT Electrical Operative Course

ICT Electrical Operative Course

The ICT Electrical Operative Course Info

In-line with the new 5th Edition In-Service inspection and testing of electrical equipment (2020) and the BS7671 IET Wiring Regulations (2018), GNC Technology’s sister company, GNC Electrics Ltd is proud to offer an all-encompassing package to fully train individuals to legally maintain, remediate and certify ICT cabinets and racks.

The release of the 2020 In-Service testing code of practice guide has specified that ICT cabinets are a workplace electrical piece of equipment that require periodic electrical safety inspection and testing, in-line with portable and fixed electrical appliances.

Please note, all students will receive certification from NAPIT training which is assured by City & Guilds for the ICT Electrical Operative Course.

The course is available to those with a basic understanding of electrics (electrically biased level 3 qualified engineers and ICT Installation Engineers).  The ICT Electrical Operative course is designed to provide in-depth knowledge of how to complete Electrical Safety Inspections on ICT cabinets, and when necessary, carry out remediation in accordance with the BS7671:2018.

ICT cabinets are required under, BS7671:2018 to be safety checked on a periodic basis, just like fixed and portable appliances. The course will give attendees the knowledge and training required to work with ICT cabinets in Data Centres and or general server rooms.

During the course, you will be shown how to interpret and implement the standards of BS7671:2018 in relation to ICT cabinets and racks.  In addition, you will be trained how to carry out ‘In-Service Inspections and Testing of Electrical Equipment’ (IET 5th Edition Code of Practice -2020).  This will enable you to understand the associated regulations for the installation of ICT Equipment in various locations such as server rooms, data centres and work/office locations.

NAPIT-training-cmykThe course is NAPIT and City & Guilds assured and upon successful completion attendees become members of the NAPIT ICT Electrical Operative Scheme, which certifies that you are competent to undertake the inspection and testing.

NAPIT is one of the leading UK Government approved and City and Guilds accredited membership scheme for operatives in the building and fabric sector.  There are currently more than 10,000 NAPIT registered installers in the electrical, heating, plumbing and ventilation trades across the UK domestic, commercial, and industrial markets.

Course Structure

The course consists of approx. 20 hours of pre-learning (Basic theory) followed by 5 days of classroom learning at one of NAPIT’s Training Centres:

  • Day 1 – In-Service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment.
  • Day 2 – Safe Isolation and the In-service Inspection and Testing.
  • Day 3 – Electrical Inspection and Testing Associated with ICT Cabinets
  • Day 4 – Working with ICT cabinets and Communications Rooms.
  • Day 5 – ICT Inspection and Test- Practical Exam

Qualification gained on the ICT Electrical Operative Course

Upon successful completion of the course candidates will receive:

  • City & Guilds Award for ICT Electrical Operative Inspection and Testing
  • City & Guilds Level 3 Award in the ‘In-Service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment’- 2377-22
  • Membership to the NAPIT Specialist Competence Scheme for ICT Operatives (18th Edition Wiring Regulations qualification required)
  • Option to join the NAPIT membership scheme for Portable Appliance Testing and Fixed Appliance Testing (subject to fees and 18th Edition)

Why do I need to do this ICT Electrical Operative Course training course if I’m already an electrician or IT engineer?

– As a qualified electrician are you confident when certifying an ICT cabinet/rack?

“A qualified electrician with C&G 2391 test and inspection would be allowed to certify an ICT Cabinet/Rack. The question is would a qualified electrician be comfortable doing it?

ICT  cabinets have equipment installed that can value in the hundreds of thousands. Couple that with the amount of data they control, which could lead to a substantial loss of revenue if the equipment is inadvertently broken or taken off line.

Think of e-commerce, till systems, logistics control, banking or just the personal data that these ICT cabinets control. If the cabinet fails then this could have serious consequences on the electrician and the company.

This course trains electricians to understand the dynamic technical IT environment with respect to electrical safety.

The course aims to not only up skill certified electricians, but also up skill competent IT engineers to electrically certify their own IT installations.

As an example, our course teaches how to identify High Earth Leakage (HEL). Most ICT cabinets have a HEL that can easily climb above 10mA which is deadly. We teach how to work in that environment to enable electrical safety for the IT engineer and those that regularity access ICT Cabinets and Racks.

IT engineers also currently have to attend a separate course and register on a separate scheme. The course and scheme we offer would allow a member to test and inspect portable/fixed appliances as well as test, inspect, certify, and repair (where required) ICT cabinets and Racks in accordance with the IET 5th edition Code of Practice – 2020

This ICT Electrical Operative training course is designed to up-skill and provide a new venue for revenue, so we are working side by side with NAPIT to deliver a course that will deliver the required skills to those in the industry.” Richard Haig, GNC Electrical Engineer

Contact us for further details or call us on 0333 241 2544 if you have any questions.

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