Microsoft Partner imageMicrosoft 365 (previously known as Office 365) provides a powerful online cloud computing solution.  The solution enables collaboration, security and compliance, mobility, and intelligence and analytics. It allows staff to work remotely from anywhere in the world at any time.   Companies who allow staff to work from home know this condition will attract better candidates when advertising for staff.

We supply licenses from £3.80 per user per month and upon enquiry, will discuss with you the best license to suit your needs.

Combining apps and services, Microsoft 365 is scalable. Many businesses have had to move to the Cloud due to COVID restrictions. Choose Microsoft for its global and safety reputation. There are also financial savings in relation to your company needing less space, less capital outlay and improved business operations. Staff are able to access the Cloud from anywhere in the world where there is internet access.

If you are looking to migrate your IT data to the cloud the Microsoft 365 solution is a great solution.  GNC Technology offers various license types.  As your business needs grow, you can upscale which means your data is safe and secure.

There are three Business packages available from Microsoft 365:

  • £3.80 per user per month for Business Basics
  • £9.40 per user per month for Business Standard
  • £15.10 per user per month for Business Premium

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a part of Microsoft 365. If you have Microsoft 365 license(s) then you will be able to access Teams.

It is a software solution that enables businesses to perform many essential business tasks remotely. With Teams, you can virtually chat, collaborate, and meet with employees, customers, suppliers, and partners. The Microsoft Office apps are built right into Teams, so you can use and share the files you create in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

You can set up your home office anywhere in the house and don’t worry about the background.  You can always use the background blur so that colleagues only focus on you. If you are in another meeting or trying to finish a particular project you can always turn on the Do Not Disturb announcement.

Microsoft Teams allow video meetings for up to 250 participants, live events for up to 10,000, recording and screen sharing, along with chat and collaboration

Free Business Review

If you are thinking of moving to the Cloud, we conduct a free business review.

One area of concern for Microsoft 365 was security.  This has changed dramatically over the years and encryption and other added security measures have reduced this.

One of the security concerns were phishing emails. As with all email systems, you will receive these but we will teach you how to identify and ignore them.   Our consultants have written a great article on how to safeguard against email hacking.

Microsoft 365 Data Migration

If you need help sourcing and consolidating your data when you sign up for Microsoft 365, call us on 0333 241 2544 to discuss how our Data Migration experts can help you.