Cloud Migration or migrating your data to the cloud is easy with our help. By seamlessly migrating your business-critical data, workloads, applications and databases you will increase flexibility to respond. Additionally, you lower the risk of application outages and gain savings in infrastructure growth.

Cloud Migration can be very cost-effective and there are several steps you should consider before you take such a leap.

  • Firstly, establish why you want to move to the migrate your data to the cloud.
  • Secondly, research the right Cloud Partner and ensure they have the right credentials and experience so as to avoid any disasters.
  • Thirdly, assess your current IT environment and infrastructure
  • Fourthly, look at the architecture you will require such as components and the costs
  • Finally, back up your data and then again however a good provider will ensure this is done before migrating your data

The benefits of Cloud Migration include

  • Flexibility as you can pay as you go for storage
  • Scalable so you can cope with busy periods
  • Security; providers such as Microsoft 365 have to meet stringent security requirements set by financial, health and government institutions
  • Hardware and infrastructure are costly to replace and with many companies cutting IT budgets, Migrating to the Cloud could be a viable solution
  • You can employ people anywhere in the world and staff can work from home or elsewhere as they will have the same level of access as office-based staff
  • In areas where the weather can make it difficult for staff to travel in winter, a cloud solution is a god-send
  • Some larger companies had rooms dedicated to housing servers and this cost them space and money on rental and rates.  a cloud solution can free up that space which can save you thousands every year
  • Variety of options in types of servers you can store to
  • Storage on servers based in the UK or Europe

Our Consultants can discuss your Cloud Migration needs and see if this is the best solution for you. Or, moving to the cloud may not be, but at least by talking to us you will get an unbiased opinion as we are not tied to delivering only cloud-based solutions.

If you have large of amounts of data to be moved then you may need to look our Data Migration offer.