If you are looking for access to a colocation data centre do get in touch and we will suggest the best solution for you.  Colocation data centres are where businesses can rent server space, bandwidth and other computing hardware. The data centre  can also provide a facility where you can operate your business owned software and hardware.


Prices are dependent upon your requirements and there is difference between a full colocation centre and a colocation server rack.  A colocation data centre is where a company will rent out the entire data centre from a provider.  A server rack is where a service provider will rent out a rack space to different companies. In some cases you can rent out a full shelf or room and put in additional security measures such as a door or grill.

The Benefits

There are many benefits from using a colocation data centre which you should be aware of:

  • If you are faced with acquiring another room to store equipment it will work out cheaper to rent.
  • You will need fewer technical staff as the burden of infrastructure is with the owners of the data centre.
  • Data centres are located globally and we suggest to look for one in the UK.
  • They are very reliable as the are built using high specifications including back up power generators as well as physical security.
  • There will be no problem if you have to scale up your operation as you can rent extra equipment and space.
  • You will know your outgoings as you can sign a contract for a fixed term from one year upwards.

Renting space in data centre is something that companies and even some individuals will choose to do.  It is completely different from Cloud Computing which is via your computer and where you rent space on the Cloud to hold your data.

If you already have a solution and need help in a data migration project, call us now on 0333 241 2544.