Private Cloud is also known as the enterprise cloud. This refers to a modality of cloud computing where IT services are provisioned over private IT infrastructure for the dedicated use of a single organisation.  Storing your data on a private cloud means you are not sharing your cloud with any other company. It can be architected to meet your company's needs.

The feature and benefits include:

  • Cutting edge security
  • Cost effective
  • No expensive capital outlay
  • Security
  • Reliability
  • Unlimited scalability and you pay for what you need and increase as necessary
  • Performance

Usually companies who store data on the Cloud do so via a shared cloud facility.

A Private Cloud is usually managed via a company's own internal resources.  It is normally a guaranteed resource, is completely flexible and can sometimes be cheaper than on a shared or hybrid solution.  If you have all the security, anti-virus software and your firewall rules in place, then your data will remain as safe as it would if in your own premises. Rental of private clouds are usually monthly or annually in advance. 

Another huge benefit is the way you can gain more RAM, disk space or CPU in moments.  This will save you or your team scurrying around the building looking for a server that can help you.



Store your data within the EU

As with all Cloud solutions you need to ensure your data is stored within the EU.  This ensures data centres conform to the strict EU regulations governing data centres. Many companies made decision to migrate to the Cloud.  They do so without giving a lot of thought to what it might mean to them or the data they are moving.  We suggest you contact us for a free business review.  Most experts suggest larger enterprises move to a private cloud.  The reason for this is you control your own data and security. It certainly can be cost effective.

Data Migration to the Cloud

Data migration to the private cloud for large companies can be a lengthy and complicated process which is best left to the experts in this field.  Our staff are highly qualified and security cleared to work with businesses from the private and public sectors. We have worked with large companies to consolidate millions of pieces of data.

GNC Technology can find you a solution in the UK. For more details on  cloud solutions available click on this link.