Remote working means your staff can work from home or any other location where there is internet access.  It is a growing trend amongst all types of companies and is a very attractive condition of employment.  This also means a company can employ staff from anywhere around the globe.

The benefits of remote working for employers and employees are:

  • Environmentally friendly as staff no longer have to commute
  • Increase in the number of hours staff work as research has shown they tend to work more hours
  • Encrypted laptops means staff have access to systems and data 24/7
  • No more excuses for being late for work
  • Staff loyalty increases as they feel more valued
  • Employers found working from home improved employee retention
  • In a familiar environment staff were less stressed and more focused
  • Companies did not need to increase office space as they grew
  • Heating and other utility bills decreased

There are some issues around allowing staff to work from home but these are easily overcome.  For the issue of lack of communication, many companies insist on regular office days or weekly skype meetings.  When there are concerns about supervision, if you set key performance indicators this will alert you to problems.  With the issue of security employers can review what access employees have and ensure all devices are encrypted.


Remote working anytime anywhere

Our remote working tools create a virtual environment. Your users can access the same desktop they use when onsite in your office from any internet enabled computer located anywhere. GNC Technology helps you to release your shackled desk workers. This gives them the freedom and flexibility to have them effectively work from home or from any location, even a beach.

Remote working is the way forward for many companies. It helps those restricted, space and budget.  This also means you can get  qualified staff from around the globe.

One of the areas to look at when you allow staff to work remotely is data migration.  This is necessary to ensure your staff have access to all of the information they need to work remotely. Quite often staff will have their own system in place to store data e.g. spreadsheets.  We can help source and consolidate all of the information for you.

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