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PBX System

Naturally one concern about buying a PBX system is price. However these days they are cost effective and easily managed. PBX can also place international and long distance calls via the internet.  As a result, a PBX system is scalable and will grow at the same pace your company does.


The main benefit of using a broadband connection is speed.  For example, the speed can be up to 100 times faster than dialup connections.  Furthermore, it is also convenient as the internet connection is always on.

Broadband offers unlimited access so you won't be charged extra.  Also, you can use VoIP telephones over the internet which can reduce monthly bills.

Telephony According to Techopedia

Telephony allows voice and/or interactive communication between two points through the usage of appropriate equipment. Analog sound signals are translated into electrical signals after a communication request is initiated. These electrical signals are converted back to analog sound signals once received at the destination


For global businesses and those businesses that makes lots of calls, VoIP can be the answer.  Therefore, you may get free or low costs calls and you have the ability to move your business anywhere.  This means you can keep capital outlay to a minimum.  Hence this is great for small businesses.

There are no restrictions to line usage and the call forwarding system means you never lose a business call.  Another feature is conference calling without incurring extra charges.

GNC Technology have strategic partnerships in place with some of the best UK service providers.  Contact us for a free business review.

GNC went that extra mile

"Contacted GNC Technology with a problem with our telephone system. They were quick to provide a solution and have gone the extra mile to support our needs, would recommend this company if you would like a professional first time fix, we now have a phone system that is fully operational which is an essential in any business."

Lyndsey Martin | Customer Services Manager | Choice Shops

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