Effective communication is vital in any business and conferencing is a great tool.  You can use Skype, VoIP, Chat, Microsoft Teams, Zooms or Webinar solutions.  A vital benefit is financial savings.  You can save money and time travelling to meetings by bringing in a conferencing system.  The system will enable your staff to hold staff or client meetings from their desk or from their home.

Additionally, a call or video conferencing solution can save companies thousands of pounds a year in time spent away from the office. Before conferencing tools where available sales staff spent between 80% and 100% out of the office.  However some  companies suggest it is important to get out and meet clients especially for sales. Whilst this might be true in many instances, a lot of companies using call and video conferencing say they are being 'environmentally friendly'.

Another use for webinars is client training or launching products.  In the same vein they are great educational tools when explaining a new system or update.  Similarly  webinars are great to record and upload onto your website as a free download.  At the same time you can use for data capture purposes as well as in a paid for format. Webinars are also great for your social media campaign strategies.

There are virtual conferences now available but the majority of people like to attend and see the exhibitors as well as network.  However, as the technology improves, this may be another way for companies to save on costs.

We will be happy to discuss conferencing solutions with you.  Please contact GNC Technology to find out how conferencing can help you.