Our engineers are experienced with many different Wi-Fi installation and support services.  By all means contact us if your company needs a reliable and high performance wireless solution.  Each of our solutions are bespoke.  Therefore it will depend on location, number of staff and your connection to the internet.

Trustworthy and reliable

Businesses today would find it hard to operate without a trustworthy and reliable wireless solution.  For this reason it has become an integral part of daily operations.  Many customers and visitors to your place of business expect Wi-Fi.  Hence if you are in the service industry, e.g. hotels, restaurants, pubs, it is expected that you will be able to offer this.  However many charge for using it but many are now able to offer it free.

Great for transactions

More and more transactions are carried out every day via smartphones as well as online.  Even though some potential customers can spend up the 4 hours a day on their phones, they may use their computer to place an order. However this is set to increase  A good Wi-Fi system will be scalable to meet your growth in sales.  And it will consist of equipment that is designed to last longer and run all day, every day to support operations.

  • Indoor Wi-Fi:

    Indoor Wi-Fi is simply establishing a network indoors. It is used to provide network coverage across all of the areas you need it to cover while giving you the best connection to your LAN network.

  • Point to Point:

    P2P is a method of establishing network connectivity between two locations utilising wireless technology, this is ideal if you have a separate building that has no cabling or network connectivity. Establishing a P2P connection is a faster and more cost effective alternative to traditional cabling.

  • Outdoor Wi-Fi:

    Outdoor wifi networks, deliver timely and speedy access to people, applications and network resources. Our services concerning this area include the best wireless cloud and security technologies.

  • Point to MultiPoint:

    Point to Multipoint is the splitting of a single channel to provide independent circuits for multiple nodes at an end location.