Company Information Security means the right people have access to your data. Therefore, IT managers or senior staff control who has access to what data.  Subsequently they define the various levels of access and are responsible for implementing them.

Also known as InfoSec it is not only about keeping your online information secure, but your physical records and files.  You will have to show through your management processes, how you keep it from being destroyed or stolen.

Data Security v Information Security

Is there a difference between data security and information security?  Yes there is and the following will explain this.

Data Security is specific to data held in storage.  It relates to the unauthorised access, disruption to, use, modification or destruction of data in storage.  Our data migration experts can give you more information on this.

Information Security is wider reaching as it includes processes, knowledge and transactions.  Also it includes infrastructure, devices, sensors, interfaces, computation, communication and automation.  At the same time it is concerned with the physical protection of data including encryption and any data remanence issues.


Your company should have a set of strategies in place to combat the possibility of any digital theft or destruction.  Similarly the same goes for any non-digital information that is stored.  For example files in cabinets, writing pads on desks and almost anything that you have containing sensitive information.

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