Data leakage is the theft of data from within an organisation to an external destination or recipient. Additionally, the term can be used to describe data that is transferred electronically or physically. Thus, threats that usually occur via the web and email, can also occur via mobile data storage devices. For example optical media, USB keys, and laptops.

Regardless of size or industry, data leakage can be serious. And, your company can be fined, lose its reputation and lose a lot of revenue.  GNC Technology can provide tooling and processes in the fight against DLP, Data Leakage Prevention.  Also, we can  provide PenTesting, where we will try and breach your systems, to identify any vulnerabilities.

One in three victims experience identity crime

One in three data breach victims later go on to experience an identity crime.  For example, some hackers are chancers however, some belong to sophisticated networks which make millions of pounds every year. Meanwhile, some of the worse breaches this year (2019) so far, include Dunkin Donuts, OXO.   In addition, Dow Jones had nearly 2.5million records for government officials and politicians in the US.  Equally Facebook have admitted that since 2012 it has not properly secured the passwords of nearly 600 million users. Furthermore,  here in the UK the ICO,  The Information Commissioners Office are handing out record number of fines and for record amounts.  That is scary.

One in four breaches carried out by employees

It is not only hackers from outside of the business you need to worry about.  Ultimately, staff can also gain unauthorised access to data held on computers.  For example, in 2018 an EE customer was stalked by an ex-boyfriend after he accessed her personal details without permission.  It is estimated that one in four breaches are carried out by employees.  Subsequently, this is when having tiered access for staff can help reduce the potential for internal breaches.

Incompetence by staff not trained on systems and processes is another threat, which is why User Education is vital and good training a must for all new and existing employees.

Regardless of what method is used, data leakage could result in a hefty fine and loss of reputation. Could your company recover from either of these outcomes?






Whether is an accidental breach, a disgruntled employee or emails with malicious intent such as phishing attacks, you need to protect your company data.