An Intrusion Prevention Policy (IPP) is designed to protect your network from suspicious threats and activity. For instance it will advise you on what systems you need.  Additionally, it  will tell you what to do should your Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) show you an alert.  In short, it will tell you how to react to DoS, DDoS, worms, viruses and various types of exploits.

Normally the IPS will perform real-time observations and react if a threat happens by:

  • Terminating a session
  • Reprogram or reconfigure the firewall
  • Remove or replace any malicious content following an attack

GNC Technology will help you devise an Intrusion Prevention Policy.  Additionally the policy will help you put in place practices to prevent and monitor unauthorised access.  Also it will monitor misuse, modification or denial of your computer network and network accessible resources, such as laptops and other mobile devices.

You will be able to configure your general settings including blocking.  Furthermore, you will be able to set up alerts to notify you of suspect activity.

PWC say the biggest competitor for businesses are cyber criminals

According to PWC, the biggest competitor a company will have is those waiting to steal your data and information. Indeed, over 49% of companies globally had experienced some sort of fraud or economic crime.  Therefore companies have to be dynamic in their approach to intrusion prevention. At the same time, not only can we help you devise policies but also carry out penetration testing to ensure your company is doing everything possible to prevent it and save your reputation.

From firewalls to access, we will have you covered.