Woman At Business SchoolOur User Eduation programme will work with your staff so they know how to operate the systems that either we put in place or you already have in place.  Even if they forget what we taught them as soon as we leave your building, our amazing support team are on call 24/7/365 to ensure you stay connected and in business.

If you spend thousands on a CRM, Cloud Solution, new laptops or any other technology then you must ensure your staff know how to make it work for you.  Hackers are moving away from technology based hacking and are now starting to target users as the weakest link.  Our Consultants here at GNC Technology will walk staff through all the signs on how to spot e.g. phishing emails with your staff.  The importance of User Education should be paramount for any business who invests money in technology.  Cyber security threats not only come from outside forces but from within your own company and staff who are not competent or know what to look for only add to that threat which leaves you open to fines or loss of reputation should you suffer a data breach.

Also, if your company as been using another system or process it will take training and time to ensure they are completely at ease with using the new IT Support system or process, that is where our User Education programme comes into its own.  We will walk through the processes of the system and help staff learn at their pace, that is really important as staff will learn in different ways and we will establish the needs of each member of staff before putting together a learning programme that will take all needs into consideration and ensure full inclusivity.