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Choosing a new IT partner

Choosing a new IT partner you can trust and who understands the needs of your business can be risky especially if you want them to manage and support your systems and your data. Before you make your selection you have to carry out some due diligence and do your research and check out testimonials and reviews:

Before you invite them to see you:

Before you even contact a potential IT Partner discuss with staff what it is you need?  Do you know what you need?  If not you may want to create an evaluation sheet and, write down your needs before choosing an IT partner.  You may want to  consider what it is your trying to achieve or need done that is not currently being done.  What is lacking in relation to your current situation.  Is it communications you  need? Or is the problem the functionality of equipment?  Or perhaps you want staff to work from home or perhaps they currently do.  Or you may be looking to set up another office in another country. By contacting us and requesting our   free business review we can help you look at your needs and discuss the most cost effective solutions.

When you know what you need the next steps are:

  • What type of company are they? Limited, Partnership, Sole Trader and check them out on Companies House and, if limited, check out the Directors?
  • Expertise – are they qualified? Do they know about your industry?
  • Testimonials – any good supplier will not only have testimonials but will be happy for you to contact them.
  • Training – will they provide training and does this cost extra?
  • KPIs – You should agree these before you sign any contract
  • Is the equipment scalable
  • Do they offer a free business review?
  • What their costs are going to be in full.