There are two ways in which you can have remote support.  Firstly by having one of our IT Support Contracts.  Secondly by using us as and when you need us, for example on an ad-hoc basis.

On an ad-hoc basis

Have you just arrived in the office and found your computer is not working?  Or perhaps you were working on it and it is not working the way you need it to?  Need help now?   Do not worry, our consultants will work with you to get you back up and running as soon as possible.  We can be on site for as little as an hour or longer if you need us however we find we can get most problems sorted out over the phone and by logging in remotely.

Do you have a support contract with us?

We find in many cases we can resolve your IT issue via help and advice over the phone. Alternatively we can log in to your computer remotely and take control until we have fixed your issue.   Our IT Helpdesk engineers are friendly, knowledgeable and each have over 30 years’ combined experience in IT Support roles.  Just contact us here at GNC Technology for further details. 

When we log on to your computer or laptop remotely, we will send you a link.  You simply click on this link to allow our staff access. We will discuss the issue with us and we will be able to see what you are seeing.  Most importantly, you can stop the remote support session at any time.

It is not just computers and laptops we cover

We can help you with your phones and infrastructure too.  Here is what one of our customers, Choice Shops, thinks of us.

"Contacted GNC Technology with a problem with our telephone system. They were quick to provide a solution and have gone the extra mile to support our needs, would recommend this company if you would like a professional first time fix, we now have a phone system that is fully operational which is an essential in any business."

Lyndsey Martin | Customer Services Manager | Choice Shops


You can either use us as and when you need us. Alternatively, sign up for one of our Support Contracts, either way we will have you covered.

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