Combining a virtual environment allows you to create a powerful and effective remote working solution.  Your users can access the same desktop they use when onsite at the office from any internet enabled computer located anywhere in the world.  Opening up to this opportunity means your company can recruit staff from anywhere in the world especially if there is a skill shortage in your area. If your company would like to have an overseas office but cannot afford to rent  office space at the moment then finding someone in that area to work from home can have great advantages for you such as having a local on the ground who knows the area and the customs.

When people think of remote working, they tend to think of the benefits for employees rather than for the employers however there are a number of benefits for employers:

  • Staff do not need to commute therefore not having a detrimental affect on the environment nor arriving in late due to leaves on the line.  You also save on heating and electric costs.
  • Studies have shown that staff who work from home are more productive than those in the office. A whopping 91 per cent worked more hours that required.
  • Staff loyalty increases as they feel more listened too and will arrange their schedule to suit the needs of the business more.
  • It is cheaper for you if you don't have to rent large offices, you can always rent a room for a day to have meetings.

When staff have that option they are more likely to stay with you as it fits in with their life-work balance concerns.  They feel less stressed as they do not have to rush from the school run to work or sit through heavy traffic or on congested trains.  It has to be a win-win situation for everyone.

GNC Technology can help you to release your shackled desk workers and give them the freedom and flexibility to have them work just as effectively from any location, yes even on a beach.

businessman remote working with computer on the beach