Whether your business challenge is financial, operational or resources, we will review your systems and provide you with cost effective solutions that meet your needs.  Companies today must streamline their processes in order to stay competitive and in business. And this creates  challenges.

By having outdated systems you could slow down responses to colleagues, customers, potential customers; damage your reputation should you get hacked and can cost you money, lots of it!  Additionally if you sell on line, have you tried to buy from your page?  In short, is it easy to open pages or buy from your website?  If it is easy for you then it will be for others and this is great.  If it is not then do something about it.  Again, your website may put off buyers and enquiries if they are met with a slow loading page or slow sales process.

Regardless of your business challenge, it does not cost you anything to speak to us, from sole traders to corporates, we are ready to help simplify your systems that will improve your operational agility. Request a Free Business Review now.

When our client Bluefin Advisory Services, a financial advice and wealth management business, had undergone considerable growth as a result of several acquisitions. More than 40 businesses were bought and amalgamated to create a new nationwide financial advice busines

Each business brought its own client relationship management (CRM) / sales tool containing vital and sensitive client data such as policy records, commission records, diary entries and complaints.

Our solutions created the following outcome

The database / systems count was cut from 42 to three, achieving significant reductions in licence costs

  • The cost of IT support was also reduced
  • Complaint resolution times improved thanks to faster access
  • Data security was significantly improved to data
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