GNC Technology consultants are Data Movement or, as commonly know Data Migration Specialists.

For example, with one of our clients, Bluefin, we had to bring together the data held in over 40 different CRM Systems. Therefore, we had to consolidate all of this information into three new systems. As a result, they saw a considerable reduction in the number of licences needed. Ultimately this meant substantial savings on licence fees.  Also, their IT Support costs reduced.  Also, having only three systems meant faster access for operators.

Improved Customer Service

Firstly, having all the information in 3 places resulted in a considerable decrease in the number of complaints.  Secondly, operators spent a lot less time searching and had more time to deal with enquiries.  Therefore, call volumes increased.  Thirdly, customers were not left listening to music and felt more valued. Finally, the staff got frustrated by a system that did not work for them.

Increased security

As a result of having all the data on fewer systems, their data is more secure.  Additionally, they could focus on 3 CRMs meaning cheaper costs in licensing and penetration testing fees.  And, they could give someone access much more quickly than before.

GNC Technology has extensive experience of large scale data movement and migration projects both within the UK and across Europe including:

  • Data Centre Migrations
  • Multiple Source Legacy systems
  • Complex Transformation projects
  • Microsoft 365 Migrations and merges
  • Any Source Any Destination

Migration Process

Due to the type of clients and types of projects we have taken on, we have developed our own data movement process.   Consequently it has been designed and proven to deliver successful migration results. Throughout your project, Data Security and integrity are at the forefront of our process and we guarantee you will receive an industry best practice solution.

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