Challenged with improving performance and uptime?

businessman hand working with new modern computer and bsiness sIf your business challenge is about improving performance and uptime, then contact us for a free business review. Alternatively call us for a simply a chat to see where we can help you meet your challenge.

There are many reasons why a computer slows down or crashes regularly. For example, it could be something as simple as your anti-virus software.  Consequently, this can slow down your computer resulting in you becoming frustrated at the time it takes to start up.

Additionally, there are many other reasons as to why you may have problems too.   These can range from poor internet connection to malicious hackers; from CMS issues to DDoS attacks.   Indeed, not maintaining your system can also be a contributory factor.  Have you ever put off updating your software?  Or perhaps, you close down when it asks you to update and close down?

Some of the symptoms include poor loading time, dead pages, HTTP errors on a screen. As a result of having a slow system, customers will go elsewhere.  Ultimately, this leads to lost sales as well as loss of reputation. One of our customers told us she could turn on the computer, go make breakfast and come back and it was still starting up.  Despite her frustration, this continued for many months until she contacted us. Subsequently, we were able to help her and her new system allows her to switch and have almost instant connection.  She cannot believe how much time she has wasted over the months waiting for the computer to wake up.  She worked it out at least a day a month based on 30 minutes a day during working hours.

If you are experiencing similar problems why not request a Free Business Review from us.  In short, we will advise you on what the problem could be and what solutions are available for improving your performance and uptime.