"There are two types of companies: those that have had information hacked and those that will be hacked".

Robert Mueller

FBI Director, 2012

The core values of information security is availability, confidentiality and integrity.  Therefore you or your company have a duty of care to ensure you are doing all you can to protect it.  And this applies to print, electronic and any other form of information held by you and your organisation.

There is no doubt about it, the Internet, or technology, has radically changed the world in which we live in.  And, the way we now do everyday things! Additionally the way we communicate with each other either locally or globally and changed. As a result of this, the way we now purchase products and services has changed.   Finally online banking, researching and sharing information has drastically changed.  Therefore IT has certainly made our lives easier and, in some ways, richer.  And is the driving force behind many businesses.

With so many devices to choose from and so many browsers and, applications to use the world, is literally at your fingertips. However, with all this freedom and choice comes problems! The fact that your security and privacy can, so easily, be compromised.  Ultimately, this can leave your data vulnerable and, sometimes, in danger.  Therefore if you do not protect your systems effectively, you could be liable to hefty fines.

Cyber Crime is a very real threat for every company.   And data breach, whether personal or business, can destroy reputations and compromise safety. As a result of threats, our end-to-end approach provides organisations with the expertise needed to design, implement and operate the most secure IT estates.

Internal threats are just as big a problem as external hackers

Businesses not only have to worry about external hackers but employees can also be a cause of concern.  From someone seeing a hard copy file they should not have access to someone deleting data by mistakes, it all adds up to one thing - a breach of security.  And, even discussing a customer with someone who does not need to know about them, can be considered a breach.

We can help you look at your digital and non-digital solutions and policies. Therefore this will ensure they are the best they can be. As a result we can help you avoid the hefty fines that accompany a breach of information security.

We can offer:

  • Penetration Testing
  • Virus Protection
  • Secure Backups
  • User Education (Sophisticated hackers are targeting people more than systems)

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