Sole Trader and business start up IT needs

Sole Trader and business start up IT needs

What IT Services does a new business start-up or sole trader need?  Ultimately, this depends on your type of business, the number of customers and how you interact with those clients. As a sole trader, you may need a computer or perhaps a laptop and you may also need a server unless you want to work via the Cloud.  Additionally, you may need an anti-virus solution and encryption.  Your company may want to use a VIOP phone or have cloud storage, back up or even infrastructure. However, one thing you can be sure of is you will save time and money by ensuring you get the right operating system in place. The main threats for sole traders come from cyber attacks and antiquated systems.

One of our sole trader clients in Shropshire contacted us when they started up.  We held an initial telephone conversation with her and then had an in-depth meeting with her.  Firstly, at this meeting, we asked where devices would be located and used e.g. on the road, in an office.  Secondly, we established the type of business and the kind of information she would be collecting and storing.  Thirdly, we asked what her aims were and what type of data would she have and need to store.  Ultimately, we also found out what budget she had and we were delighted to bring her in under budget as well as give her peace of mind knowing her data was secure, not only for her but for her clients.

She told us that she thought "we were going to cost more as we worked with larger companies and was delighted to have contacted us and work with us".   That is what it is all about, working with you regardless of your size or turnover.

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"I am so glad that Salon Ten teamed up with Paul and Ian from GNC Technology. From the moment we started our relationship with them they have proved to be invaluable…. they see problems before they happen, foresee issues and then offer solutions. Every time we deal with GNC Technology, we’re stunned by their helpfulness and grateful to them as they’re making life so much easier …… I wholeheartedly recommend GNC Technology."

Nicola Marcar

Managing Director | Salon Ten