So what can we do to help our farmers and those working in Agriculture? 

Shropshire, where we are based, is home to many businesses related to Agriculture from farms to machinery and we help them make the right IT choices so that they can concentrate on doing what they do best – feeding the nation!

How can IT can help our agricultural businesses?  We can:

  • Provide communications so that they can keep in touch with suppliers, buyers and staff.
  • Supply laptops and computers
  • Deliver software tools to help you keep a check on livestock, products and other sensitive data
  • Offer Cyber Security Services such as anti-virus, penetration testing, encryption for laptops and USBs
  • We offer advice and deliver Cloud software such as Microsoft 365 or Cloud Hosting solutions
  • Data Migration services that will allow you to transfer and bring together all your data into one manageable system
  • IT support contracts or ad-hoc support work, let us take the worry about your IT away from you
  • Provide CRM solutions that will grow as you grow

One of our agriculture clients wanted us to merge his access database with his excel database to his new CRM system and provide Microsoft 365.  Our director Paul went on site uploaded Microsoft 365 for him, ensured he got all  the data and the uploaded all the data on his excel and access databases into the new CRM system.  This was going to save him a lot of time and effort and we were able to recommend the CRM system to him.  As a result of this he was extremely pleased to see all his data in one place that was easy to find.  He could create email campaigns and updates as well as monitor and analyse results.  A half a day of our time saved him weeks of work every year.