Building & Construction

From stock control to liaison with contractors and customers, GNC Technology knows that companies working within the Building & Construction industries need to ensure their systems can keep up to date.   Encryption for laptops for site managers is something we are asked to supply regularly as well as email and data back up systems.

Systems need to be updated on-site and off-site e.g. delivery trucks need to be able to update customers and employer on when loads are delivered as well as expected time of arrival. Many years ago a lot of equipment would go missing as records were kept manually and were subject to human error.  These days those types of  errors have been vastly reduced as there are people feeding in to the systems all the time. Electronically staff are updating, ordering and recording the delivery of stock. Work sheets, supplier, contractor and customer information together with staff information are being inputted on to CRM systems. Machines allows signatures for delivery to be uploaded and invoices to be raised electronically.  It is all very clever and saving companies thousands of man hours annually.  Millions of processes are occurring daily throughout the Building & Construction industries in the UK as it strives to meet government guidelines on new builds throughout the UK; and that is why companies need reliable and trustworthy technology and work with accredited and professional IT suppliers.

Regardless of where you are in the supply chain we would love to hear from you and discuss what it is you feel we can help your company with.  Whether you need help with a one off project or if you are sourcing out your IT department our Free Business Review will determine how we can supply you with what  you need on budget and on time.