All transport and logistic companies rely on good communications systems to ensure customers not only know when their deliveries are going to be delivered, but sign for them electronically when they are delivered.  In only a couple of hundred years we have gone from stagecoach and horses to Wi-Fi to 5G.

Cyber threats

One of the biggest threats to the transport and logistics industry and, to be fair, all companies is security.  It is not only about the theft of and from vehicles anymore, it is about ransomware, data breaches and malware. Cyber attacks from strangers as well as data breaches from within keeps most IT managers and directors on their toes these days.   We here at GNC Technology Ltd offer penetration testing (AKA pentesting). Additionally we offer encryption for laptops as well as other data security measures.

Working with you

We will work alongside your IT department if you have one.  Alternatively we will manage your IT for you on an ad-hoc or contract basis.   Therefore, if you need IT Managed Services then visit our page for further details.  We can also help you consolidate all of your data, visit our Data Migration page for further details.

Consolidate those files

It may be you have lots of information on all sorts of documents and files. In this instance, you could consolidate it all on to one system that everyone can use. And, if this is the case we can carry out this data migration for you.