Utilities & Renewables

Competing on a local or global level in the Utilities & Renewables industry means you need the best systems for communication, devices and operations. GNC Technology Ltd will help you operate smarter with scalable solutions that will improve operational efficiencies as you expand your customer base.

One of the greatest concerns that could threaten the industry is cyber attacks and this has often put a dampner on this industry migrating to the Cloud.  The last thing a CEO and CIO want to see is their names and that of their company in all the press for all the wrong reasons. Private and Hybrid Cloud solutions are available which allows staff to work away from their desks as HR Departments see an increase in staff working from home or remotely from other locations.

GNC Technology can help you with one off projects from custom made CRM systems to penetration (pentesting) testing; we will ensure your customer data is held safely and securely.  We have put in large scale networks and consolidated the data from over 30 CRM systems in to 3 systems which involved the migration of millions of pieces of data.   There has been an increase in the number of staff employed by Utilities & Renewables companies who work from home or travel regularly; we can  supply encryption for laptops and USBs as well as other software and hardware solutions.

Our IT Managed Services can cater for five or more seats and we have an excellent SLA achievement record.