Preparing for a future with Virtualisation as a result of COVID-19

Large organisations may want to look at implementing a virtualisation solution after the current climate has passed to be prepared for any future disruption to their business.

This solution involves creating Virtual Computers (VDIs) and hosting them centrally, either via the cloud or at the client’s office. All applications and data are run from the VDI rather than from the users local device e.g. laptop.

The user starts their laptop and clicks on a link to open the virtual desktop.

Essentially the user uses the same computer no matter what end device they have and or where they are in the world.

This solution can be expensive depending upon size and complexity however some councils and local enterprise partnerships offer grants to help companies upgrade their current IT infrastructure.

Give us a call on 0333 241 2544 or email at if you feel this might be a solution for your company. Some councils and local enterprise partnerships may offer financial assistance or point you in the direction of agencies who do.





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