Setting your 2021 IT Budget will bring a set of unique challenges to many UK businesses as they not only have COVID to think about but also the effects of BREXIT.  It is around now IT managers will be putting their facts and figures together to persuade their Directors to invest in better technology for the future.  But why should they?

The next year four areas will take precedence over others such as cyber security especially in light of the increased number of cyber attacks on companies.  Infrastructure, public cloud, digital transformation will along with cyber security be at the forefront of 2021 IT Budgets. This year budgets were  up by ensuring staff could work from home or ensuring systems were in place to allow staff to work safely and securely in the workplace.

Digital Transformation – We can help you avoid common pitfalls if you are looking to create a roadmap for your digital transformation.

Cyber SecurityThe ICO (Information Commissioners Office) in 2020 have given out record fines to companies who have had data breaches.  Regardless of how small your company is you have to ensure that you protect your data with a corporate cyber security solution.

Infrastucture – Our scalable solutions will provide you with unparalleled connectivity that will support your communications. And it will also support your data, monitoring and applications.

Public Cloud – Public cloud services may be free or offered on a pay-per-usage model.  There are also Private and Hybrid Cloud solutions available.

With BREXIT there are many changes happening, especially to those businesses who import and export.  A business will have to have CHIEF software to access CHIEF.  There may be potential problems with access to data.

If you are working on your 2021 IT Budget Capital plan, our free business review could help you make the best decisions whilst seeing an increased ROI.  Contact us for further information on 0333 241 2544 or email




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