Check out our small business guide to cyber security below.  At this time of the year, there are millions of transactions being carried out daily by small businesses. The need to be ever more vigilant and careful of a cyber attack increases tenfold.

There are some simple steps you can follow which will help you and your business stay safe:

  1. Keep your tablets and mobiles safe by switching on password protection, keeping updates up-to-date and do not connect to unknown WI-FI connections.  Ensure you have encryption and make sure you know where your devices are.
  2. Change all your default passwords, add two-factor authentification if you can switch on password protection.
  3. Back up all your data immediately or at least once a day and, if possible move to the Cloud.  Ensure your data is stored at a separate location preferable in the UK or Europe.
  4. Keep your data safe by using a good anti-virus and malware protector, switch on your firewall, keep your devices updated, control who has access to your data and devices including USBs, ensure staff only have access to what they need and make sure they cannot download dodgy links or apps.
  5. Avoid phishing attacks by not giving staff full access to all of your systems, educate your staff on how to spot a phishing email, report all successful attacks to Action Fraud website

Finally, check out My Digital Footprint from CPNI.  The ‘My Digital Footprint’ campaign is designed to provide practical steps that managers and employees can take to minimise online security risks while still making full use of the many digital services available.

If you have any question relating to any of the above, we can help, simply call us on 0333 241 2544 and we will be happy to help.

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