The dangers of USBs 

Many of us have done it e.g.  went to a trade fair and picked up USBs.  Sometimes we have found them in coffee bars or on the street.  It is tempting to pick them up and put in them in your device.  BUT don’t!!!  Do you really know the source of it and what is on it?  If the answer is no then leave it where it is.  Humans are curious by nature but as they saying ‘curiosity killed the cat’ goes, that newly found USB could kill your company’s systems.  It is now quite common for criminal gangs to leave infected USB’s in public spaces including trade events where they can take genuine USBs, infect them and then return them to the pile of the exhibitor table.  These USBs can contain ransomware and other malicious viruses.

Educating staff about USBs

An employee of Tesla reported that they had been offered a large sum of money to upload an infected email using a USB.  The employee reported this and their action thwarted a five million dollar ransom. Cyber criminals are getting cleverer and businesses need to be sharper.  It is not only about installing the best antivirus and other cybersecurity tools but about educating staff.  It is not enough to rely on software to help you fight off cyber criminals, you have to get your staff on board.  Educating them as to why it is so important and ensure it is part of their induction to the company.  Hold monthly briefings on newly recognized threats including phishing emails and other scams.  Some of our clients create a monthly online newsletter that they send out to staff which includes updates on such scams.

Now that many staff are working from home, security can be compromised by other people in the household.  This is something that needs to be addressed in your employment policy.

We can work with you to develop a business continuity plan and also look at your vulnerabilities.  Together, through education and building awareness, we help you remain safe and compliant and where the dangers of USBs will not affect you.  Give us a call on 0333 241 2544 or contact us for further information.





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