The future of 5G in the UK is bright according to a new report ‘A Computer Weekly Buyers Guide to 5G’ by Computer Weekly.  With coverage set to reach 50% of the world’s population within 4 years there was unprecedented deployment in 2020.  Despite the many economic problems the current pandemic brought and continues to bring, many of the leading telcos companies are forecasting a boom over the next 15 years.  This is good news for the those who work in the industry as 5G related jobs are set to increase to over 22 million globally.

Joe O’Halloran, the Networking editor for Computer Weekly reports that research by the financial comparison site Bankr reports 5G coverage is set to grow by as much as 253.84% by 2025.  Despite the fact the UK Government has said that operators must stop installing any Huawei equipment in 5G networks from Autumn 2021, it continues to roll out its ambitious digital infrastructure plans which includes attracting new suppliers and accelerating open-interface and interoperable technologies such as Open RAN.

The Report states that “The government has announced that it will establish a National Telecoms Lab.   This comprises a secure research facility that will bring together operators, existing and new suppliers, academia and the government to create representative networks in which to research and test new ways of increasing security and interoperability.   It also includes funding a new Open RAN trial with Japanese telecoms vendor NEC. The NEC NeutrORAN project will be based in Wales and will aim to see 5G Open RAN within the UK in 2021, testing solutions to deploy 5G networks in the most cost effective, innovative and secure way

The Government will also fund the SmartRAN Open Network Innovation Centre (SONIC). Partnering with Ofcom and Digital Catapult, this will be an industry facing testing facility to foster Open RAN in the UK helping to develop a supply chain with multiple suppliers at every stage.”  

You can read the Buyers Guide to 5G here.

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