One of the questions we get asked regularly by new clients is “what is a cyber security plan?”  It is, quite simply, a plan looking at people, processes, and technology within your company.

Information Intrusion Prevention and Data leakage and AntiVirus image of computer board with words hacking on it re Cyber Security on privacy policyForming part of your IT Management Plan, your Cyber Security Plan should lay out the way in which you will keep your data and devices safe from internal and external attacks or, as is more often the case, human error. Depending on the type of business you have you may want to look at some of the following however this is not a comprehensive list.

  • Access
  • Email
  • Employees
  • Facility Security
  • Incident Response and Reporting
  • Devices used by staff away from the office
  • Mobile Devices
  • Network Security
  • Operational Security
  • Payment Methods
  • Policy Development, Management
  • Privacy and Data Security
  • Scams and Fraud including phishing
  • Website Security

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If you need help compiling your cyber security plan or if you would like us to review your current systems and security levels, call us on 0333 241 2544 or visit our Cyber Security page on our website 

Get Cyber Essentials certified

GNC Technology Ltd is based in Shrewsbury, Shropshire and are Cyber Security experts covering the Midlands and the rest of the UK. We are Cyber Essentials certified and help companies get certified too.  Being certified shows your customers and suppliers that you take the security of the data seriously. Last year, companies in the UK saw record numbers of fines handed out to them for data breaches, including the compromising of data. So, unfortunately, this number is set to rise in 2019 and, that is not good news for businesses or customers. Cyber Essentials certification means you can assure your staff and, your customers that you are doing everything possible to secure their data and guard against common cyber threats.  Being certified will also reassure your suppliers that you take cybersecurity seriously regardless of where you are in the supply chain.  


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